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Types of web pages our top website designers build for our clients.

E-Commerce Website Design

If you are looking to offer products to sell on your website, you would be in need of an e-commerce web page design
Shopping carts are a part of e-commerce design which allows the user to add products to their online cart and proceed through a checkout and make a payment through credit cards. This is done through your choice of e-commerce platform such as Paypal, Authorize.Net, Square, Network Merchants, and nemerous other providers. 

Blog Website Designs

A blog is a diary or journal online that is updated frequently. This is a place where people can  express their ideals or states of mind on their choice of content. 

Blogs are also a great tool for Search Engine Optimization or SEO. 

One Page Web Pages

Would you like your entire website to display on just one page? With our  use of parallax scrolling abilities, we build many one page websites because it is a trend at the moment. This allows people to see your entire presentation as they scroll down your web page instead of requiring links to click on to read all your web page content. 

With a one page website design, you can attract mobile users to a mobile-friendly responsive design that leads the customer down a funnel to your lead form or buy button.

Informational Website

If you have a business where you are not selling a product but rather your service, an informational website works great! Informational web pages are strategic in capturing lead forms and or calls to action to receive incoming phone call leads.  I build many websites for service type business such as: plumbers, air conditioning companies, tow truck services, pest control, fence companies, tree removal services, landscapers, and even my business website development.

We build a quote form and place them in strategic areas of your website to entice the user to fill out the form requesting a quote. This gives you the opportunity to get on the phone with a potential buyer of your service. Fre
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